In my efforts for clean, healthy eating, green living, recycling, and trying to be a better steward of God’s creation, I find a reality that cannot be escaped.
Our bodies, as amazing as they are, this world, as beautiful as it is, will not last. Now, I’m not saying our efforts are futile. On the contrary, they make our lives more abundant and this world a better place to live. However, the reality is, that it is all temporal; it is perishable. One day, it will be recreated, made new, made imperishable. But for now, it is temporary.
For many, I state the obvious. But I think it’s something I need to keep in mind in the many “causes” that I can become involved in, passionate about, and even consumed by.
Last week, wanting to get a fall garden going for the first time, the husband and I went to a garden seminar. The seminar opened with a presentation on GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and the dangers they pose and the need for the government to require more responsibility rather than allowing money and power drive production decisions. It was disturbing to find out that genetically altered foods are available on the market without proper testing on longterm health impacts The goal of the presentation was to encourage everyone to be knowledgable about the food we purchase and eat and to be voice in how it is made/grown.
After the seminar we went to a farmers market where some sort of green convention was going on. I had a discussion with one of the presenters about the dangers of cell phones, especially in children, and the long term health impacts.
One interesting thread in both GMOs and in cell phones is that they both have the potential to cause infertility and sterility.
Somehow, and this is just my own crazy thought, there seems to be built into this world a balancing mechanism. Whether it’s nations, cultures or individuals, there seems to be a ‘thinning’ control. We as a nation have become quite prosperous and ultimately huge energy/resource hogs. Isn’t it interesting, that some of the very things we pursue in our prosperity (food, comforts, and conveniences) may be the very things that balance the scales. It is predicted that this younger generation may not live as long as current older generations due to diseases caused by too much food and not enough activity. There may also be reproduction problems associated with the very technology we embrace.
I am an advocate for doing what needs to be done to keep businesses, companies and governments accountable to the people. I definitely think we should arm ourselves with knowledge and make the best choices we can for healthy living because it provides the best opportunity for an abundant life. I think we should become involved in making rhis world a better place for others.
But I also recognize that, in this fallen world, death does come. We grieve in this fact because we long for the Kingdom where death will be defeated. But until then, it is an ugly reality. No matter how passionate we are about our health or whatever cause we are involved in (and I believe it is our responsibility as stewards of all God has given us) this world will fade away.
Thanks be to God, in it all. He gives us the victory in Christ Jesus our Lord. As we take part in His Kingdom now, we can know we’re investing in things eternal.
That’s a cause worthy of being part.


About Jill English Johnston

God writes His story on every heart, if we only pause to read it. My heart has lived in a fantasy world since early childhood and am delighted that God has finally brought me to the place where I can bring the fantasies to life through story. I am currently working on a fantasy trilogy (of course) but I also post thoughts, reflections and (hopefully) inspiration to my website: tabletsofhumanhearts.wordpress.com I am a follower of the Rabbi Jesus, married to my best friend and inspiration, and the mother of three incredible children, one daughter and two sons, a son-in-love, a daughter-in-love and two adorable granddaughters. When not writing, I passionately pursue prayer, reading (never enough time to read them all!), and the outdoors. My husband and I both served in the US Navy and have lived/travelled through many states and all over Asia. We both still enjoy travelling, but we really love our home in New Braunfels, located at the Texas Hill Country.
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