Fiction in the works

The mysteries in life lead us to paths of fantasy and speculation.

The Chronicles of Or. We visit another realm where mythical creatures once roamed and a people, who have forgotten their creation song, live unaware of an enemy preparing to take back what once belonged to them. But there is a promise of one who will not only remember the song, but also show them how to sing it again.
Time Trilogy. What’s almost as cool as finding a doorway in a wardrobe to another world? Finding a mysterious time portal that takes you to the past and the future. How might the encounters from the future impact the past? What lessons from the past will shape the future?
Space Trilogy. A new spin on some ancient stories with strong female leads. Set in other solar system with a blend of science fiction and fantasy elements.

Join me on my journey: JillEnglishJohnston


2 Responses to Fiction in the works

  1. Robin Kaiser says:

    I’m excitedly awaiting these books, huge fan of fantasy fiction and of course I would love to read your work!!!


    • Thank you Robin.
      My time to sit down and write comes and goes.
      I’m always amazed at the many things that can distract us from what we know we ought to be doing, or what we really want to be doing.
      I’m hoping for some quiet moments during the Christmas season to press on toward the prize of finishing.


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