In the Works

The mysteries in life lead us to paths of fantasy and speculation where personal, familiar and ancient stories can take on a new spin.

Space Trilogy. Explore the planets of another solar system when the lives of three young women from three very different backgrounds collide, converge and create new hope for them, their families and their people.

     Rielle’s Story. Betrayed.
Sold into slavery, Rielle uses her wit, reason and unusual gifts to save herself until she faces the toughest challenges of her life.

     Jordyn’s Story. Reckless.
Tired of demands and expectations, Gem pursues amusement and adventure until she runs out of money and into misfortune.

     Tamara’s Story. Disillusioned.
Her family wrecked by tragedy, Tara examines everything she has been taught to believe until she finds it wanting.

Time Trilogy. What’s almost as cool as finding a doorway in a wardrobe to another world? Finding a mysterious time portal in the woods that takes you to the past and the future. How might the encounters from the future impact the past? What lessons from the past will shape the future? Join Erin, Beverly and Abby as the present, the past and the future collide.

     Mists of Time: Their past will not be her future.
After traveling back in time, an aspiring young writer faces a life altering decision when she finds the family she always wanted but never had.

     Echoes through Time: Her present continues their destiny.
After moving from town to a farm, a spirited young girl meets strange visitors and must decide just how far she’ll go to return to the life she loves.

     Truths in Time: Their future depends on her choice.
After military duties take her parents away, a displaced young girl discovers the power of choices when she experiences the reality of two possible futures.

The Chronicles of Or. Visit another world where mythical creatures once roamed and a people, who have forgotten their creation song, live unaware of an enemy preparing to take back what once belonged to them. Discover the promise of one who will not only remember their song, but also show them how to sing it again.

     Halam. It begins with those who choose to seek.
When a forgotten enemy rises up, three Seekers face the test of not only their lives, but the lives of their people

     Nasa. It continues with those who choose to follow.
When a Master Seeker champions a different way to defeat the enemy’s threat, his plan takes a disastrous turn.

     Yesha. It ends with those who choose to surrender.
When hope seems lost, the young seekers realize they need courage and determination and an unexpected strategy to bring peace to their people again.





3 Responses to In the Works

  1. Robin Kaiser says:

    I’m excitedly awaiting these books, huge fan of fantasy fiction and of course I would love to read your work!!!


    • Thank you Robin.
      My time to sit down and write comes and goes.
      I’m always amazed at the many things that can distract us from what we know we ought to be doing, or what we really want to be doing.
      I’m hoping for some quiet moments during the Christmas season to press on toward the prize of finishing.


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