All About Books

Words. Prose. Poetry.
Books. Stories. Tales.
Heroism. Valor. Courage.
I love these kinds of words.

What is it about a great story that stirs our hearts? Gives us hope? Helps us dream?
We hear the words, “once upon a time,” or “long ago in a land far away,” and we (at least, those of us who love a good story) sit back and let our imaginations free.
The story takes us by the hand, draws us down a path of adventure and refuses to let us go.

I love to have my heart stirred. To have hope. To dream.

My dream is to stir the hearts of others with the hope of God’s word. I’ve had the privilege of publishing a photo devotional series with my amazing husband/photographer, Jon T. Johnston.

Currently, there a five books in the Be Still series, with the sixth releasing in November 2019.
You can check them out at Be Still

Fantasy, speculative, dystopian and science fiction. Over the years, I’ve had many favorites.  I’m sure you have too. Who are they?  Why are they? Let’s explore them together.

Some of my favorite authors are:

  • JRR Tolkien
  • CS Lewis
  • Madeline L’Engle
  • Robert Jordan
  • Brandon Sanderson
  • Louis Lowry
  • Rob Bell
  • Jim Cymbala
  • Philip Yancey
  • NT Wright

Find more of what I’m reading on my Goodreads page: Jill English Johnston

I also love to share some of the books I’m currently reading..
You can read about them at Featured Books
And I love to share some of my favorite authors.
You can read about them at Featured Authors


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