I love to read.  And I love to share books.
This year, I feel the Lord leading me to focus on prayer. What is prayer? What is prayer not? What is prayer for? What should I expect? What should I not expect? Towards that end, I am selecting books on Prayer for this year. My goal would be one a month. And my purpose would be, through prayer, to know the heart of the God I serve.

He Loves Me

He Loves Me; Wayne Jacobsen


Breakthrough Prayer

Breakthrough Prayer; Jim Cymbala


the answer to our prayersBecoming the Answer to Our Prayers; Shane Claiborne & Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrave


Sacred Pathways; Gary Thomas


Prayer: Does it Make Any Difference?; Philip Yancey


Power Through Prayer; E M Bounds


Reaching OutReaching Out: The Three Movements of the Spiritual Life; by Henri J Nouwen

Nouwen takes the reader on a journey through three spiritual “movements,” each one dealing with a different aspect of our relationships: to ourselves, to others, and to God. The first movement involves our relationship with ourselves, moving us from a place of loneliness to discovering the joys found in solitude. The second movement joins us to our fellow human beings, moving us from hearts bound in hostility to hearts equipped for hospitality. The third and final movement encompasses our relationship with God, moving us from our illusion of Him, to understanding Who He truly is through prayer.

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

The Help; by Kathryn Stockett

The Help was recommended to me by several people; I really hadn’t considered reading it. But once started, it’s hard to put down. Stockett provides an interesting approach to looking at the south during the civil rights movement; love how she speaks from the perspective of three different women. Having lived in Mississippi for a period of time, I can understand the incredible challenges there are to changing attitudes. As slavery and Jim Crow laws echoed into the sixties, so too does some of the unchanged attitudes still echo today.

What Can I Do?  Making a Global Difference Right Where You Are; by David Livermore

Poverty.  Disease.  Human Trafficking.  Pollution.  We are continually baraged by the television, newspapers, magazines, and the internet with reports from around the world.  Rather than hardening our hearts, we wonder, what can I do?  But the problems seem overwhelming.  Livermore takes a look at the issue and provides insight and practical ways each one of us can be part of the solution and impact the world for good.

When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor… and Yourself; by Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert

With the rise in Christians wanting to make a difference in the world, Corbett and Fikkert  address the many issues, challenges, and mistakes involved in working to alleviate poverty both domestically and internationally.   Who are the poor?  How do we help?  Most importantly ,what do we do that actually hinders or hurts?   The authors explore the good, the bad, and the ugly in helping the poor, challenging some foundational beliefs and concepts about poverty and providing basic principles of the types of assistance (relief, rehabilitation and development) truly required.

Serve God, Save the Planet: A Christian Call to Action; by J. Matthew Sleeth & Richard Cizik

Sleeth combines the threads of his experiences as an ER doctor with his convictions as a Christian and, therefore, a steward of God’s creation, adding the different ways he and his family have made changes in their lives with regards to food, energy and consumerism, to create a reading tapestry that is heavy in topic, but light in reading, continually moves in subject, but providing great pause in thinking, and altogether challenges the way we in American culture live.


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