Be Still

What a joy it’s been the last six years to co-produce and co-publish the Be Still Series with the love of my life, my husband and photographer, Jon T. Johnston.
We’ve completed four and are currently working on the fifth. Available on Amazon

The beauty we see in creation everywhere and every day undeniably proclaims God’s glory. When we take the time to recognize his amazing splendor and respond with praise, we reflect God’s glory back to him.

Praise: Proclaiming the Glory of God
Released on Amazon November 2017

The book of Isaiah offers a poetic look at the cycle of suffering, something we all experience at some point in our lives. Many lessons may be gleaned from the prophetic writing if we listen and pay attention.

Wonder: Contemplating the Mysteries of God
Released on Amazon November 2018

God’s creation helps us understand who he is and teaches us about his amazing truths. In order to better appreciate and experience God, we need to slow down and explore the world he has made.

Explore: Enjoying the Creation of God
Released on Amazon November 2019

As the world around us shifts and changes, our hope and anticipation can give away to anxiety and fear. However, we can make the choice to slow down, pause, and consider whether or not we truly believe God gives us what we need, when we need it. 

Consider: Trusting the Abundance of God
Released on Amazon November 2020

With so much negativity in the world it’s important to quiet our hearts and focus on more excellent things that encourage us, build us up, and remind us of our amazing God who delights in us. 

Reflect: Displaying the Image of God
Released on Amazon November 2023

In a world consumed with power and wealth, we need to reconsider the blessings Jesus spoke in his mountainside sermon and reexamine those he called blessed.

Hope: Displaying the Image of God
Released on Amazon November 2022

The seventh and final book of the Be Still Series. Join my newsletter for insider information: from Prayer to Publication.

TBA: To Be Announced Releasing on Amazon November 2023

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