Building Oak Haven – getting to work

Unique Drywall finished the sheetrock and texture last week and it was finally time for us to get to work (as if we haven’t been already, lol). We started painting on Thursday and had the house completely primed by Saturday evening. A big shout out to Jon’s Dad and his paint sprayer.  It would have taken us a lot longer without it.  JDR Construction also show up to rock our kitchen bar and fireplace. We realized we had yet to purchase our mantel and they needed to install it as they worked up the wall. So, we stopped painting long enough to make a quick trip to Cornelius Contracting to select one and bring it back. It’s made from sycamore wood and makes me think of the song of Zaccheus. We love how the whole thing turned out.

On Sunday, we did our best to rest. Instead of painting, we shopped for more paint and stain at Sherwin Williams (they had an awesome sale over the weekend) and lights at Lowes. The rest of our lights have already been ordered from Ferugsons. We continued to paint on Monday and Tuesday and now have paint on every wall, but still need to cut in and touch up.

Yesterday, A&M Electric sent a crew of four or five guys. They spread out through the house installing plugs, switches and canned lighting. They’ll finish up what they can today and then come back to install the rest of our lights sometime next month. JDR Construction also came back, this time with a Bobcat to scoop up all the chunks of rock, sand and mortar from around the outside of the house. They piled it up in front of the garage to use as filler/base for the driveway. Since we had to have a side entrance driveway (per POA covenant), there’s a three foot drop off from the garage floor to the ground.

We’ve been notified our cabinets are finished and ready to deliver. Juve, the tile guy is supposed to show up today to start installing tile floors, showers and tub surrounds. Once we find out when he’ll be done, we can schedule delivery of the cabinets. Then we’ll get to work installing and staining them.

Our pup is underwhelmed by the whole process

Grace & Peace

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Building Oak Haven – Time flies

I thought I’d have more time, now that we’re at the camper and not running back and forth to the property. But somehow, that doesn’t seem to be the case. What a blessing to have sold our house and not have to worry about it any more.

Because, for the new house over the last week and a half we:
– met with Amaris at Prosource to finalize and order our tile selections
– met with Bianca at Fergusons to review our sink, lighting and appliance selections and determine lead times needed for order and delivery
– met with Zulma at San Antonio Granite Works to walk through their granite remnants (they have LOTS) and get an estimate for our counters

Venetian Ice

– visited Triton Granite and selected our bundle of Venetian Ice (Jon loves the river rock pattern it has)
– stopped by Cornelius Contracting to check out their selection of custom mantels made from local Hill Country trees (they are a tree care and land clearing service and repurpose the wood)
– sent Craig at 84 Lumber changes to our interior door selections for a revised bid

My Study




While we were busy running from place to place, Unique Drywall sheet rocked the whole house. It was messy business (like everything else) but they did a great job cleaning up/sweeping out.



They started taping and mudding earlier this week, but we were told they wouldn’t be able get back out to finish until next week. We were pleasantly surprised when a crew showed up late Friday afternoon. And even more delighted when the crew returned Saturday morning. Hopefully they will be back to texture early next week.

Looks like priming and painting is in our very near future. We’ve also been informed our cabinets will be ready for delivery by the end of next week! Which means staining is coming up fast.


While I will never bemoan rain in Central Texas, the recent storm events have made our stay in the camper a bit interesting. As the National Weather Service issues severe weather warnings, we are praying them away. Even though Jon enjoys a good storm, the camper isn’t the place we really want to experience one. The mud also makes life a bit challenging.



Due to our cramped living conditions, our Baylor Bear opted not to come home for Easter, so we decided to drive up and visit him. We had a great evening with him listening to his college adventures and thoughts on life. Sunday we worshipped in the University’s Ferrell Center with First Woodway Baptist Church. It was an awesome service, reminding us because of the Resurrection of Jesus
– death is not final
– sin is not victorious
– new life is available
He is Risen Indeed!

We also enjoyed lunch with another Baylor family from San Antonio. Jonny will be working as a research assistant at Baylor over the summer and rooming with their son. We’re sad we won’t have Jonny’s help to trim out the house, but we’re excited for the great experience/opportunity for him.

Grace & Peace

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Building Oak Haven – Rocked it


JDR Construction finished up the exterior masonry, both our stucco and our rock. We love how it all came together. As the masons hung the rock we could tell Chunks of flint filled the layer from where our rock was cut. It gives us an authentic feel for the local area (chunks of flint can be found all over our property). Fry Roofing also finished up the last details of the roof.


We’re now living the camper life until the house is finished. There are  some challenges, but we’ve spent plenty of time in in the camper thanks to many trips to Pennsylvania. The camper creates book ends to our time in Schertz. We lived in it when we were house hunting and waiting to close and now Here we are, living in it once again

Come on in!

Last week we finished packing out the final bit of the house on Mountain Brook. We saved a few things until Friday (like the rug, TV/DVD player and folding table and chairs), because on Thursday evening we hosted our community group for the last time in our Schertz home. What an amazing 5 1/2 years. The house has been an awesome blessing filled with incredible friends who have prayed with us, worshiped with us, studied with us and most importantly shared their lives with us. I know our new home promises more blessings to come. So glad we can continue to worship and share our lives with many of the families. 

Over the weekend, while Jill was away at a women’s leadership retreat, Jon hosted family at the construction site, including his brother Jim, in town for a conference, and his Uncle Charlie and Aunt Michael Anne who are visiting as well. They had a picnic on the back patio. Thank you Uncle Charlie for your tips on staining our cabinets and doors. You’re welcome to come back and visit again in a few weeks when the cabinets are delivered. 😉

Looks like ice/snow formations

Boerne Construction Spray Foam sprayed out the house with foam insulation. They had a few issues with equipment along the way, but we now have a very climate controlled home. For a little extra, they also sprayed out the garage.

Love the imagery

   I took a picture in the attic and it revealed this picture. God’s Word Lies in our foundation and fills our framework and now we have the reminder of the cross above us.

Ready to hang

Unique Drywall delivered the sheet rock. They are supposed to start this week, hanging, taping, floating and texturing (monterey drag).  Before we know it, we’ll be breaking out the paint rollers and brushes and getting to work. 

 Grace & Peace


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Building Oak Haven – Sold!

It’s been another busy week. Have I been saying that a lot?

On Tuesday we closed on our current house. 15 days after listing. Amazing.

Definitely a God thing.  Especially since the new buyers generously let us stay until the 31st to finish moving.  We spent the week packing up the rest of the boxes and I spent hours on the internet and the phone setting up our forwarding address.

On Saturday, Jon’s dad, brother, two of the guys from his youth group, and one of the guys from our community group all came over to help us pack out our furniture and move it to our storage units. A sweet friend of mine also came over and helped me move the rest of my plants to our new home.

Our back patio

The stucco guys from JDR finished our stucco this week. Sherwin Williams Craftsman Brown with a lace pattern. I love how it turned out.





our roof going up

The roofers from Fry Roofing were also hard at work and we now have a shingled roof. Oakridge brownwood.






Our rock was delivered by Brookstone Ranch and will hopefully be installed this next week. It looks grey to me right now, but I’ve been assured it will have some nice red, brown, and cream colors under the layers of dust.





This week, we’ll move into our camper, where we’ll stay until the house is finished. It’s small, but its been home before. We’ve stayed in it frequently when visiting family in Pennsylvania and also when we were house hunting when we first moved to Texas back in 2011. Our little dog, Wickie, is a bit concerned with all the activity. He has only known the house we are moving out of.  Thankfully, he has made many road trips with us and is quite comfortable in the camper. Once we get settled, I know he’ll be fine. He’s happy to be wherever we are. Isn’t that what home is all about?

Grace & Peace

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Building Oak Haven – exterior

As we pack up our current home and wait for the closing, the outside work continues on our new home. Juan from UBuild It continues to keep us on track and provide valuable guidance.

Paul Swoyer installed our septic system and sprinklers and Bell Hdyro Gas set our propane tank in place.

patio doors

84 Lumber delivered and installed our exterior doors, along with the frames for our pocket doors. The front door is currently a construction door, to keep the side lites and glass from being damaged. They will be installed toward the end of the construction process. Both the front door and back patio doors are knotty alder. I love the wood and can’t wait to see how they look when they’re finished.

patio ceiling

Fernando Delgado and his team painted our porch and patio ceilings along with our sofit and facia (Sherwin Williams Fresco Cream) and stained our patio posts and beams (Sherwin Williams Cider Mill). The light ceilings brighten up the area and the beams add rich texture.


prep for stucco

stucco going up

JDR Construction prepared the exterior walls with wire mesh and began applying stucco. They will complete it with a lace stucco texture and Sherwin Williams Craftsman Brown paint.


We also made a quick trip to select our rock from Brook Stone Ranch. The rock will cover the front of the house and also our fireplace and kitchen bar. We’ve chosen Palamino Irregular, a nice blend of reds, browns and creams.


Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together. Our excitement and anticipation continues to grow as we spend more and more time at Oak Haven.

Grace & Peace

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