Dressing Your Truth

I have reached a time in my life (after 24 years of wearing a uniform) when I want to have a professional, easy, comfortable wardrobe.  My entire life I have been at a loss as to how to put together outfits that look great and fit well.  Once I no longer wore a uniform, I found the day to day idea of dressing to be tedious.  And even more so, when I had an event (dinner, conference, meeting) to attend where I wanted to look professional and put together.

Recently, I expressed my frustration to a friend (who, by the way, looked great) and she told me about this thing called Dressing Your Truth.  After a bit of discussion, I checked it out and was immediately intrigued.  I spent days (ok weeks) reading, watching, and exploring everything the Dressing Your Truth had available.  I drove my husband and son crazy talking about the ideas and “energy” types behind Dressing Your Truth.  I finally  purchased the program.

Long story, short, I am enjoying the whole idea of Dressing Your Truth (and, as the program founder says, Living Your Truth), especially the wardrobe aspect.  I discovered why I “never had anything to wear” and learned how to put together and accessorize outfits in a way that compliment me as a person.  I love it so I thought I’d share it.

The fun part is sorting through my crazy wardrobe, jewelry and shoes and identify what works and figure out ways to redesign what doesn’t.   I’ve just started experimenting with  the redesigning and unfortunately in my zeal, I forgot to take before and after pictures.  I hope to do better in the future, because the afters look great and are so much fun.  It’s amazing what a little fabric dye and some spray paint can do.  I also hope to put my limited sewing skills to work and alter the shape of some of the pieces to better fit and match my “type.”

The awesome part is loving the way I look and feeling comfortable in what I wear.  I’m even wearing things I always steered away from before because they just seemed too feminine (silly, I know).   More to follow, if you’re interested.


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