In my quest to go back to the basics, and in the process, to save money, I am trying out different home made beauty products to see if they are as good as store brands, both bargain priced and expensive.

With my curly hair, I have always alway always been frustrated with any and all hair stylists.  They just never could cut it right.  Additionally, with the way I took care of it (shampooing, brushing and combing, blow drying, and yes, even sometimes subjecting it to a curling iron) it seemed that I was constantly getting split ends, which took me back to another stressful trip to the stylist for a trim.

About a year ago, my husband jokingly pointed to a book at the bookstore called Curly Girl.  It was no joke for me.  I snatched it up and started flipping through it.  I was not alone.  There were others who suffered as I did, some even more so.  I bought the book and have since changed the way I take care of my hair.  What I thought were split ends were actually thirsty hairs seeking moisture.  I threw out the curling iron, brushes and combs.  I threw out the shampoo and started the “no poo” regime, which consists of cleansing with an organic conditioner and occasionally using a baking soda rinse.  An alcohol free hair gel is the only styler I use and I rarely use the blow dryer (and only with the diffuser).  It has made a huge difference.  However, since we moved, I have been self trimming and really need to find a stylist in our city who knows how to cut curly hair (dry, not wet).

Recently, I have started using a skin cleanser made from powdered milk and brown sugar.   I threw a half cup of each into the food processor and processed until all the lumps were gone and it had a powdery consistency.  I use a small scoop with warm water scrubbed gently on my face.  So far I like the way it cleanses.  I’ve also read that instead of expensive toner, I can use apple cider vinegar.  I still have some toner left, but once it is gone, I’m going to try the vinegar.  I haven’t yet found a moisturizer that I want to try, so I’m still using what I have been using (although I am trying out some different brands).


3 Responses to Beauty

  1. Laura says:

    Caleb walks around the house with honey, bee pollen and lemon on his body. Let me add that he usually waits until his dad has gone to bed before he mixes up this concoction, but he says it works quite well.
    He uses Tea Tree Oil quite often as well.
    I don’t use anything but goat soap, but I use all the natural house cleaning products you mentioned.
    Then I totally lose all the money that I saved by buying the Lavender or Basil Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products!!


  2. Carol says:

    100% pure
    Coconut oil is a great moisturizer. I’ve used it for years.


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